Catskill Weekend Of Love


I read somewhere that humans are "mostly restlessness and empty space." The lucky thing is to find someone great who calms you down and fills you up, and spend as much time with them as possible, and come away renewed. That's how my friends Liane and Brian are.


Last weekend, we hopped an early flight to Newark, NJ and skirted around New York City, headed North into the soft, deep forests of the Catskill Mountain Range. The purpose of this journey was to watch Liane and Brian get married in front of a lake that perfectly reflects the sky.

We stayed on the top floor of a 200-year-old farm house in Roscoe, New York—also known as Trout Town USA. Also known as the locale where Dirty Dancing was filmed. Roscoe, home to corn fields and shallow, sparkling rivers. Home to tomato vines and cheesemongers. Home to pastoral backdrops bursting with deciduous beauty.


I don't pretend to understand love. It's not something you can buy, sell or own. It's not yours, it's not mine. I know it when I see it, though. And last weekend, it was everywhere.