Happy New Year's To Me

Resolutions, do I make them? Fuck yeah I'm making them every day of my life. Here are a few things I've sworn to do lately: Stop falling down so much. Learn to turn off brain. Eat more vegetables (French fries don't count). Get up earlier. Drink less. Write more. Read more. Live more.

Anyway, a fat lip from falling on my face, a swell-bow, and an indigo patch on my hip—that's how I welcomed 2009. Thank you, Department Of Skateboarding. But beyond every bone and sinew in my body hurting from several days in a row of stacking, New Year's was just fine. I didn't go to the bar. I did drink champagne. I did dance. I did blow up some bottle rockets. I behaved myself and didn't kiss anyone at midnight. I did spend some QT with good friends and laugh a lot and lose my camera. Welcome to 2009!


We watched the ball drop in Times Square and Derek kept yelling "That Dick Clark sure looks a lot like Carson Daily!" at the TV screen.


Some henna knucks tattoos were administered.


I busted Cougs trying to wear Lance's pirate talisman.


Apparently ET found my camera 'cause when i picked it up the next day from Justin's house i found this photo on my memory card.