"inc lement"

p1000087 Photo: Geery

When you get up early to drive an hour and a half for snowboarding, you don't really want to hear that it rained last night instead of snowing 25 inches like the weatherman forecasted. You don't want to hear it but you're already awake which is the hardest part so eff it you go anyway. When halfway into the drive you discover something's missing, you figure "I already made it this far" so keep going. However, when you find yourself in the middle of a windy whiteout at the mountain, things become a little more complicated. You see, no one gets hurt when you forget your jacket, but fun is harder to find. Thank god for trash bags from the restaurant in the lodge. Although, a plastic cocoon doesn't really protect against gale force winds and cold, and there's the danger factor of falling on said plastic and accelerating headfirst down the hill, which actually happened. Scary stuff. However, the nice thing about going riding is that you often encounter people you know up there, and so when Scott materializes at the top of the second run and just happens to be wearing two jackets (one for insulation!), he shares the wealth and universal harmony is once again restored. And everything works out. The end.