Nine times out of ten I’m completely thankful that I live the life I lead, that my time on earth is spent in pursuit of fun and not work, that while most regular folk spend their lives on their asses at desks or in front of flat screen tvs bought with money earned at said desk, I have this creative outlet that is free and is a sort of communion with my body and nature etc etc. But then there’s that one time—that time when I fall too hard, too much on the same spot and it hurts just too much, and suddenly it all seems stupid and I’ll ask myself, what the fuck am I doing? I’m too old for this I can’t keep falling this hard my body can’t take it I can’t keep spending all my time hanging out with fucking teenagers doing something dumb with a board and my feet. Does that ever happen to you? p1010293p1010285

Anyway, beyond nearly biting my lip off last week when my face encountered the ground—and the night before that hanging up and ejecting onto my elbow, after all that, the most painful thing is that I just keep falling on the exact same spot on my knee. I’ve developed a knobby calcium-deposit protrusion at ground zero that takes my breath away when fallen upon. What is it? I’ve been friend-diagnosed as having this: Osgood-Schlatter disease—caused by activities that place repeated stress on the top of the tibia, the big bone in the lower leg, where the tendon of the kneecap inserts. An awesome new development!


But still, all pain aside, life is good for the most part and I'm sure I’ll just keep doing what i do because … fuck it’s all I know how to do anymore….