Storm of the Century, and a Trip to Madrid

p1010432 It started snowing one day in Baqueira and didn’t stop, probably dumping four feet in 24 hours, and we had an all-time afternoon at an empty resort. But honestly, there was so much snow that eventually we started getting stuck going down the hill. You’d just be innocently riding along and then feel the nose of your board burrow a little too deep and feel that sinking feeling and then just … stop. An average of about ten sweaty, swear-word filled minutes of trying to outmaneuver the snow later, you’d be on your way again.


Hipster mustaches turn into walrus face when it's puking down snow out of the sky. Zac knows.


I couldnt get enough of hanging out with this guy, but he didn't want much to do with me. He was more of a "dog's dog," kna'mean?


We bushwacked through the underbrush for about 45 minutes one day. It was not that rad. I'm still finding branches in my jacket pockets.

Anyway, the avalanche danger was so high after the storm that we split for the city for a couple days to let the snow settle. We’re not trying to die or anything, right? So yeah, Madrid bound, we passed through deep windy canyons, sunswept fields with snowy peaks off in the distance, and finally, the gleaming metropolis of Madrid.



There is a whole world beyond the road. You have to park the car and get out, though.



Zac and Laura, beers in a field off the old A-6.


We caught sunset in Madrid. Awesome.