Transmission Spain: A Madrid subway stickup!

p1010464 So there I was with my paws clinching the grimy overhead bar on the packed Madrid subway, taking in a cornucopia of different body aromas and thinking about how bad my travel-seasoned body probably smells (until I caught a whiff of a real European armpit and then I didn’t feel so bad), when some swarthy guy with a backpack abruptly bumps into me. I look at him and mumble something like “excuse me” although of course it’s not my fault.

Back to thoughts of traveling and smells of the body and being a stranger in a strange land, when suddenly it’s our stop and I alert everyone to that fact as the train draws slowly to a halt. We make our move to get off, and suddenly swarthy guy shoves me hard from behind and before I have time to turn around and be all, “What the fuck?!” I’m on the platform and the doors are closing behind me. And that seedy motherfucker is on the other side of those doors getting carried off by the train to the next stop—with my camera and whatnot in his hot little hands.

Yeah it’s the oldest trick in the book. I got robbed on the subway in Madrid and now I’m sad and taking pictures with a disposable camera.

Oh well, life is still good and the open road still rules. But I’m definitely putting my money in my long socks for Barcelona, know what I’m sayin? Until I can get my disposable to Rite-Aid for a developing session, please enjoy a couple out-takes from my ramblings...


Pierre in a tree near Navacerrada. Filming might be his trade but he's a nimble tree climber and quick with a woodsaw.


Awesome warning sign. Electrocution, it's like getting a lightening bolt to the neck!


Eiki, exactly 60 miles from Madrid.