valentine’s day so what

The thing about Valentine’s Day is that normal people don’t even really celebrate it. You’re either over the disgusting consumerism that's developed or you’re over love—or both. And anyway, it often does more harm than good. Doesn’t some impressive amount of breakups occur in close proximity to Valentine’s Day? Shit, who needs the pressure? img_3580 Still, there’s something I can almost put my finger on that’s sort of nice about this holiday. Like, the hardest heart can’t help but melt in the face of a handmade Valentine from a four year old (see above construction-paper heart that arrived in the mail from nephew Patrick).

Anyway, although I was easily able to ignore V-Day this year due to being overseas (phew), I did, upon my return home, receive two of the most heartbreakingly awesome little tokens of Valentine-ness. And all I’m saying is that I didn’t hate it. vday

Look, a sweet little recycled Valentine from 1935 scored at an antique store for 50 cents. Ahwwwwww...