ask and you shall receive

img_0190 So there I was minding my own business, when a nice lady from Vans emailed me and said she had a pair of white Half Cabs to send me. OK, I said. Although in all honesty my reply to her contained an obscene amount of exclamation points and thank yous. I was excited, you see. Apparently the staff at Vans had noticed "all white Half Cabs, size 6" as the sole item on a Christmas list of mine published in a major magazine I work for way back in December. And in their infinite kindness, they bestowed a pair upon me. Holy shit, right? Such is the power of words. Although...I have to point out, these are not really "all white." Black laces and tongue, and red piping, et cetera, et cetera. But hey I ain't complaining!


Thank you, Ms. Matthews and Mr. Overholser!