Cannon Beach Thursday


It’s hard to articulate how differently a heavily planned outing feels from a directionless Thursday drizzlefest that develops, after breakfast and a trip to the DMV, into snaking through downtown traffic and merging onto the 26 W towards “Beach Cities.” It’s hard, so I wont really try. All I’ll say is that indeed, last Thursday Lance and I found ourselves in Cannon Beach.



On the way we passed rolling fields of delicious green, a forest that had been cut down, unexpected sunbreaks and then rain falling at odd angles, and finally, a sudden downpour when we pulled into town. Had a quiet beer and burger at a brewhouse on Main Street—actually, I had the fish and chips. Kids’ size. And the porter. Then scrambled over sea rocks in the sunshine and drew pictures in the sand.


Nothing big, you know. But nice to be out of town on a quiet Thursday, with nothing planned exactly, just whittling time away and checking stuff out. That’s what life is, right?