Crazy Heart

I think I just saw the sun. I’m not sure. It might’ve been just a lighter corner of clouds, like an area in between purple puffs. But it might’ve been the sun, too. I mean it’s almost June. Crazier things have happened, than the sun peeking out, just a little bit, to dry things out.

So I watched Crazy Heart the other night. Have you seen this? So good. It’s terrible to watch at times, and also transcendent. And just like real life—Spoiler Alert!—he doesn’t get the girl. Love, love Jeff Bridges. Due to not having cable, I haven’t seen his Academy/Golden Globes awards acceptance speeches—but heard they were amazing and smart and sweet and all that awesome stuff. He is great.

Also, loved the scenery in this movie. The desert. Between that and watching the recent Georgia O’Keefe biopic, I’m all about going to Santa Fe, soaking in the bone-dry sunlight, and contemplating life amongst the prickly pairs.