memorialize this

So the long weekend's still echoing around, making it kinda hard to work. Actually, I did work this weekend—not the sit-inside-on-the-computer stuff, but the maintaining-a-house-in-the-modern-world stuff. Like, I took apart the lawn mower and sharpened the blades (it's an old school push mower, no motor, just a handle and turning blades, which cuts the grass slowly, all in a whirr and clatter). I also put up some crown molding, which involved exact measurements and using a savage power saw—an experience both terrifying and exhilarating.

But none of that matters. What's important are the parties. Right? Ashley came home after weeks abroad in Sri Lanka and other steamy locales, so we all convened at the Red Flag to say hello, which quickly turned into good-bye, cuz I guess she's already back on the road again. I drank table wine and listened to Sasha outline her upcoming road trip to Skateopia in backwoods Ohio with Traci, the dogs, a few other lady skaters, and a filmer from MTV. Can you imagine? Sounds like first class reality TV to me. No, really, just you wait. Sasha's observations on visiting Ohio: "I know everyone's just gonna think I'm a lesbian and that bums me out."

The Zumiez Couch Tour hit town on Sunday, which—who gives an eff? Except that I really did, because Tricia is in charge of the Couch Tour live webcast, so it simply meant that she was in town. We met up for a cocktail cruise aboard the Portland Spirit on Sunday night—a soggy trip down the dark waters of the Willamette. There was an open bar, thank you Zumiez, and we asked the bartender what his speciality was. "Rum and coke," was his curt reply.

Above, Lisa and Tricia, soaking in that damp, dark view, along with the engine exhaust. Below, open bar antics with Regis, Casillo, Danny Kass, Chris Prosser—basically, all the usual suspects.

And that's not all. Yesterday, a family reunion. I have a small family, so I really wouldn't know what goes on at these things, but being that it wasn't my family (Lance's, actually) it was so great to just kick back and watch everything unfold. All the faces, how you can see the family lines—the noses, the brow-line, the laugh—and all the relationships, both tense an easy. An awesome time for human observation.

Lance and his 13-year old half-brother Brittan, who is an absolute doll.