A Skate Trip, A Song, And Spain

Just got back from a fast trip to Windell’s to skate the brand new stuff before summercamp starts this weekend.

And it's profoundly fun.

Just officially finished yesterday, and there’re so many things to do. Transfer pockets. Surmount step-ups. Plus, banks and hips and the mini-est of mini spines. I have twenty new spine tricks I wanna try to unleash. And lots to learn up there about just riding your board—bombing around fast and finding the lines, not just back and forth on the mini ramp, which is where I always end up in my lazier moments. But anyway, Billy’s a master park builder and this is his, well, his tour de force. A masterpiece. Big things on the horizon for him and Six Feet Under. More to be disclosed on the subject at a later date. And as you can see, our session got interrupted by the life-giving June rain. Blrrrrggh.

With that said, nothing to do but come back home, take a seat on my front porch, and play this song. 2-03 Joe Tex, These Taming Blues

“All nine kinds of rains, all five kinds of thunders and eighteen white horses won’t none of ’em come to me….” Phosphorescent goodness.

And last but not least, my family is currently soaking up some sunshine in Spain right now, and so I'm re-posting these photos I took in Barcelona last winter, a dedication of sorts, to my family—all far from home, and to Spain. A direct quote from correspondence with my moms, “It always takes a day to get comfortable with the city but we have it now. I am having a different rosé with every meal just to branch out and the cheeses are so good.” Man, love me some Barcelona....