"to go": a travel list

I'll be honest. I've traveled a lot. It's what I do. I don't know.

In recent years, I've professed to being "over traveling," but upon further examination, I don't really think that's it. I'm over excessive traveling. I like being home and knowing I'll be home next week. You can develop, not quite a routine, cuz that sounds depressing, but more like a natural pace. And I live somewhere nice, so being here is nice.

But still. One does get the call to roam, the wild hair, the need to see places unseen. Life is only so long, I gotta know what the earth beholds before I die, right?

With that said, I give you my current "to go" list. Kinda like a "to do" list, but for journeys instead of chores. (thank you Google Images for the below destination pics)

The Grand Canyon: I've seen it from the plane, but that's like saying I had a layover in the Grand Canyon airport. It doesn't count. Need to go to the edge, hike down to the bottom, and climb back up again. A journey through time, I've heard.

The south of France: More specifically, Provence. Been craving baguettes, dusty roads, and lavender fields.

Tofino, B.C.: I'm intrigued by Vancouver Island. Never been there, myself, but have heard tales of it's wild, rugged awesomeness from friends to the north. Soon, for this one....soon.

Montenegro: I don't care if it's run by the Russian mafia—looking at this fucking place. Maybe rent a sports car and pretend I'm in that James Bond movie or something.

Ashville, N.C.: Don't ask me why, but I'm curious about North Carolina. Went there once, near Wilmington, and attended a lovely southern wedding. But what about Ashville. I think it'd be just like Portland—only, hotter, with a graceful Southern pace.

Redwoods Nat'l Park: Big trees. Older than time. Take me to them.

Portugal: Europe's final Hail Mary before the Atlantic spreads out towards North America. And have you ever heard Portuguese? A marvelous language.