Went to the Clinton Street Theatre last weekend to watch the Portland “premiere” of Machotaildrop—this sort of mysterious art film made by some Canadian skateboarders.

It’s about a boy, and an aging pro, and some wolf men, and a mansion inside a cave. I don’t really want to recap the movie or something, you should just watch it—although be warned, the lack of bangin’ action seemed to disappoint a few tall-boy crushers in the crowd. No death metal, etc. It’s a real movie! Think A Clockwork Orange. Think Rushmore. Think Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Think Thrashin'. A bizarre mixture of sweet, funny, strange, and sad. I liked it.

I found out that the guys who made it, Corey Adams and Alex Craig, won a short film contest put on by Fuel TV, and the prize was a million-dollar budget to make a movie. With that mil, they made Machotaildrop. Wow. Rad. I paid ten dollars to watch this movie. I hope all ten went to straight to them.

Here's the trailer:

Machotaildrop - Trailer from friendlyfire on Vimeo.