the joys of homeowning, part, like, 5

Hi. It's been a while. Not because I've been boring, but because I've been doing construction. Peter Sherowski is in town. That's my dad, you know. He comes out once a year to TCOB at 57th street. It's usually a good time. Lots of power tools, all-day manual labor, chiseling, painting, calking, sawing, cool margaritas at dusk, things of this nature. Above, you'll see a new gutter system we installed, leads down to a rain barrel. Exciting. Harvesting inclement weather. I'm doin it.

Also, new windows. A big job, chiseling out the 100 year old original windows. I'm saving them out in the back alleyway, actually. Not sure why, maybe build something with them. Kinda cool to think about all the history those windows have witnessed.

And we renovated my basement. For those of you who know what it used to look like, namely Traci—my former roomie who lived in its squalor for two years—well, holy shit! Pepto-colored carpet: gone. Fresh coat of paint on the walls. New light fixtures. Plexi glass off the porthole, replaced with a shiny new window. It's swank down there. You know, for a cave, anyway.