How Many Dreams In The Dark

This is an artsy town. If you went to every art show in Portland, you'd barely have time to  sleep or eat.  Or drink a Pabst. I'm lucky if I make it to one every few months. But this latest exhibit at Nemo drew me in. A photography show by Chris Brunkhardt. He self-published a book, you see, full of snowboard photography and other photo journalism. Lovely stuff. It was "my era." If you know what that means, well, then you know. If not ... I dunno. But all these snapshots, an entire wall, literally—how fun to look through them all.

Jeffy. So young. Round cheeks and stuff. RIP.

Seaone—he's a whole lot beardier now.

And a pretty picture of another person who's passed on. Craig Kelly, Alaska. It's nice, right?