Adios Koerner-Ansons!

This just in: The Ashley and Scott now live in Southern California. Crazy, right? I knew it was official when Scott changed his Facebook "location" to Huntington Beach. And it'll be weird around here without them! No more "What r u doing 2night?" texts from Ashley of a Friday night. No more "You're blowing it!" from Scott when I can't go to the river due to work. No more cold shoulder from house cat Bo when I try to force-cuddle him. Portland's gonna be sad and lonely, I'm telling you. But I'm happy to know that they're down their in the sunshine, smiling, paddling around in that pool at their apartment complex.

They had a going away thingy the other night. We shredded Nike park, then took it to the Morrison Hotel, where the beer selection is so massive that everyone just looked confusedly at the menu and then ordered Hamm's. Derek tried to rip off Scott's T-shirt, Scott punched Derek in the mouth, you know, just a bunch of friends hanging out.

Anyway, we miss you guys!! Ashley, who'm'I supposed to go to the Polish Festival with?!

Lovejoy had a baby! Kidding. This lovely tiny creature called Francis belongs to Steve.

Ramp talk.

A "friendly" bout at the bar.