Diamonds and Rust

Good morning. Halloween is coming. Not sure if this happens everywhere, but in Portland people hang Halloween lights instead of Christmas lights. Yep. Strings of orange and purple lit up the night on our bike ride down to the beer store.

Anyhoo, I have something for you. Judas Priest, covering Joan Baez's "Diamonds and Rust." Sung by Joan or Rob, it's a great song—a bit of a poem about when she got dumped by Bob Dylan, or, like, frozen out by him, and how even a decade later, the ghost of it still lingers.

I can't listen to Joan Baez a lot. It gets a little operatic for me, or something. Not rockin' enough. But I do think she's a bad ass. If you don't agree, or even if you do, you should watch this—Joan Baez: How Sweet The Sound.

And without further ado:

02 - Diamonds And Rust