As stated before, Portland is serious about Halloween. Me, personally—I'm only semi-serious, but I did get dressed up this weekend, twice. On Saturday night, although it was dark and wet with piles of leaves choking the gutters, Lance and I donned our pioneer garb and headed west. Our destination: the Nemoween party. It got weird as all good parties do—packed to the gills with freakshow people, and an unfortunate broken toilet incident that only served to enhance everyone's merriment.

A picture of the group picture we took. Check out NWA!

As it often is, Sunday was a day of rest. I put on a pair of devil horns and rode bikes down to Burnside, where people were celebrating Halloween and the park's 20 year anniversary. We watched the antics until the smell of urine and trash drove us into the parking lot, where the sound of Pissboner (the band) was almost as overwhelming. Just before dark, I rode back up Stark street 57 blocks through hordes of roving toddlers going from door to door with pumpkin-shaped buckets held before them.

Sweet group shot via Dee Dee—or should I say, Black Mamba?

This is Chief Lien To Tail.

Billy quickly discovered—everyone loves Bob Ross!

Dee Dee and I were reppin' primary colors.

Hudson was tending to her tiny bee.