So Cal Twilight Zone

Generally speaking, shit's getting cold around here, but I just spent two days in Palm Springs for the annual Transworld editorial meetings. As you know, I love the desert, and Palm Springs is in the desert. However, this town is very strange, a kinda twilight zone of senior citizens and other odd LA-folk who got caught out there like a pile of wayward tumbleweeds.

It didn't help that we were staying at the Ace Hotel, which is ground zero for vacationing Los Angeles hipsters. Thus, while the other hotel poolsides were packed with polyester leisure suits, ours was awash with deep-V tees (to better display chest tatts)—and everyone in Ray Ban sunglasses.

The Ace Hotel grounds—very retro modern.

The Ace diner serves coffee from a French press, which is great and all, but we were rolling 9 people deep and there was never enough. "Can we get another French press?"

Before flying home, I stopped off to visit the Koerner-Anson's in Huntington Beach. Wouldn't you know, the entire SoCal coast was in the midst of a "winter storm warning." Brrr. No tan for me this time.

Bo-Bo has taken to boxing. Check out his fight stance.