Thanksgiving Shining

Thanksgiving often leads to feasting, which often leads to sitting on the couch watching movies, which in its way eventually leads to digestion. In observance of this, we watched The Shining last night. I'm not drawn to scary movies simply because they scare me, and why put that kinda stuff in your brain, right? But I'm willing to make exceptions for exquisite works like The Shining. I've seen it many times now, so many that I'm beyond getting scared and am now free to notice other things about the movie, like Shelley Duvall's amazing sense of fashion.

I wish I could find more examples of what I mean, but trust me, she's killing it throughout the entire movie, outfit-wise—taking gaudy/resourceful 70s mom to the absolute limit.

While I was looking for snapshots of her kits, I found this little interview with Ms. Duvall about what it was like to work with Stanley Kubrick on a movie like The Shining. Sounds traumatizing.