Things that I did today: -Laid in bed with my eyes open for a full half hour before I got up. (I work afternoon/evenings, mornings are my motherfuckin leisure time).


-Listened to Kurt Vile, "Freak Train." (I mean I'm beyond caring if you like what I like, but this song's more mood than song. Like a middle finger for the world that you can stick in your pocket and pull out when needed.)


-Hoops at Laurelhurst park. (I'm the wackest of the wackest white chick to ever step to the court. My dog steals the ball from me. I made two shots in a row and felt the need to gloat in triumph.)


-Read from Nancy Milford's biography of Zelda Fitzgerald: "F. Scott, in an immaculate Norfolk jacket, gesturing nervously with a cigarette, Zelda brightly at his side, her clean wild hair brushed back from her face. But it was not her beauty that was arresting. It was her style, a sort of insolence toward life, her total lack of caution, her fearless and abundant pride."