For the first time in my life I'm having recurring back troubles. Spasm of pain would be a great way to describe my left/mid spinal situation. Unfortunately, it's not from DOING anything, just from sitting and working, staring at a screen and then a catalog and back to a screen whilst my fingers jab madly at letter keys. It's awful, this is getting old—I'm DOING IT!

I broke down and went to the chiropractor, and it was enlightening. After sticking me with electrodes, they showed me some sort of computer graph of my spinal tension. Lo and behold, a clusterfuck of biomuscular distress on the right side of my neck! "Everything's connected," blah blah blah—but how crazy is it that my neck feels normal to me? According to the doctor, the source of the pain is not where the pain has manifested. It's a kinda metaphor for my life, really.

In other news, it smelled like spring today and I thought of Easter and cherry blossom canopies.