Blues for Adults

Of a rainy night, I sat down to watch Bruce Springsteen's entire keynote speech at this year's South By Southwest. As it turns out, it's a fine way to spend 50 minutes. Look, I mean it's the Boss. Giving you a mini-music-culture history lesson. And more.


Things covered in said speech:

•The tragic unknowability of women.

•The sheer ugliness and honesty of The Animals.

•Honing his craft, from zit-faced then to silver foxed now.

•The grit and spit of the blues. "These were soul men and women—not teen idols."

•The way things that are the "best ever" to you still SUCK to someone else.

•The way country music is like "blues for adults."

•Bob Dylan: "He is and continues to be the father of my musical country."

•The small and big things in life that keep us putting one foot in front of the other.


Below are just two snippets, but go HERE to watch the whole thing. WELL worth your while.