Eat This!

Full meals are over-rated. When it comes to snackin, I'm a pro. Here's what's in my pantry right now. And folks, none of this shit costs over three dollars.

Sunflower Seed Butter

The king of all the butters. More fiber than PB, and more taste—not unlike the crisp, earthy essence of fresh-popped popcorn distilled into spreadable form, if that makes any sense?


Cara Cara Oranges

The stock boy at the local produce market turned me on to these when he noticed I had, like, seven pink grapefruits in my basket. You see, the Cara Cara is a nice compromise between orange and grapefruit—sweet, but not too sweet, with a tart left hook right on the tail the end.


Juanita's Corn Chips

Made in Hood River (keep it local!), but that's beside the point. Juanita's are the saltiest, flakiest, butteriest, most delicious of all the corn chips, and I'll stand my ground on this.


Monterey Jack

I used to be exclusive with cheddar—sharp cheddar, whenever possible. But recently I've been dabbling, and friends, Monterey Jack is so smooth and creamy, and not without a snappy flavor of its own.


Lindt Intense Mint Chocolate

I can't be trusted with cake or cookies, but a bar of this can repose in my freezer for as much as a week while I slowly nibble the rich, dark squares one by one from the foil. It's a matter of respect, you know?