Dark Shadows

As I've said before, I NEVER go to the movies, so when I do, I get all excited. Just to go to the theater with all the normies and get blasted in the face with big shiny imagery, completely shutting down my brain cells, thinking of nothing at all, and not having to talk to anyone that is around me. Like hiding.

Aaanyway, my fam was in town this weekend and so my big sister and I went out to see Dark Shadows. We both remember the mildly entertaining TV show from back when we were just little bear cubs in Colorado. And well, there's Johnny Depp, and of course Tim Burton, and Helena Bonham Carter and stuff.

My vote for the movie: ......

It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. It was sort of luke warm, with funny stuff and stuff so painfully blah and cheesy that I got the cold shivers. But there were pretty colors and stuff got blown up and I laughed a little, so everything's gonna be okay, ya know?