My parents, my big sister, and my nephew came to town the weekend before last. And it was just my luck that for several days straight, water poured forth from the sky. Here's the deal. Portland is sooo awesome when the sun shines, but when it doesn't, especially at this time of year, you get kinda embarrassed in the face of visitors. Like, it's okay to lurk out in your sweatpants all day watching David Attenborough documentaries when you're by yourself, but as a method of entertaining? Nah.

So we wandered around dismally wet streets and ate. Ate a lot.

But I don't want to get down on the Northwest in general and Portland specifically, because even when it's foul out, you're confronted with so much beauty on a minute-to-minute basis that how can you complain? And yet ..... I do.

I dragged them all on a soggy hike in the gorge and cursed the skies as they marveled at yet another giant snail/slug thingy on the trail.

Hittin the rosé with my sis.


Annual trip to the rose garden. Love this place. A natural wonder.


My nephew just turned 8 and is a total BA (bad ass) and at the same time a total nerd. I love him for this.