There was a time when I and everyone I knew had a mini ramp. They were branches spreading out from the great skate tree, and like little birdies, we hopped from one to the other over the course of an afternoon.

But times are kindadifferent now. I have my own indoor concrete skatepark  and an office next door that I work furiously from. My garage mini was disassembled and raided for parts, the Coulon's mini was dismantled to make room for a workshop, the Dudebarn is all but unskateable after many seasons of rain, the Koerners moved, etc etc. Things change, you know.

Anyway, last night we skated till exhaustion the above ramp in the yard of Molly and Louis. I was reminded how much I do love the backyard mini ramp as a thing, as an activity, as a concept. Gathering, eating and drinking, learning new tricks, relearning old tricks, falling down, laughing, crying, pulling splinters out of your elbows. All the good things.

Molly's backyard is a little oasis of awesome. Pole beans and rows of spritely carrots, tots staggering around with plastic shovels clenched in their fists, French bulldogs slobbering on everything, and, of course, the skateboarding.


Woke up late and sore this morning to the sound of a light summer rain and was relieved that I didn't have to do anything but sit in a chair and type. Life is good.