Favorites 5.13.13

Kim Gordon: I read an article recently that reminded me why I heart her as my feminist idol. "'Kim comes off all cool and badass, but she’s really sweet and gentle and feminine,' longtime friend Sofia Coppola says, praising Gordon’s ability to draw power from vulnerability."

Almond milk lattes: Richer and more toasty than ones made from rice or soy, markedly less phlegm-inducing than the cow's milk variety.

A break in the weather: It's oddly moving when a long stretch of weather—even if it's not bothering you none—ceases quietly in the night, and you wake up at dawn to find a very fresh situation outside your windowpane, kinda like some ole friend you forgot you were missing.

Tangerine: The color, the fruit, and most especially the Led Zeppelin song. Warm and loose—and gone before ya know it.