About The Great Gatsby. It's a movie—maybe you've seen a trailer or something? Yes? So, some friends and I went to a private screening last week. Champagne was involved, just like in the movie. Anyhoo, here's my big verdict: I liked it.

Now, I've read some bad reviews but ya know I'm not gonna be too hard on it. The book is lovely and haunting—hard to pin down. The movie is a spectacle. They're two different things—it's okay. See, I'm a reader first and movie watcher second. I don't need to love movies as much. I'm not spending hours and weeks of my life steering my eyes over tiny black markings on paper in an effort to divulge meaning. I'm just sitting here for a couple hours and I wanna be entertained.

So .... Go to see Leo perform. Go to hear how Jay Z and Kanye jazz up the jazz age. Go to see the costumes and the hairdos and the cars and the colors and the imagery. But don't go expecting tears and truth and the best movie evah. Just FYI.