Nothing Can Hurt Me

Just watched the new rock doc about 70s power pop band Big Star , all about how they recorded amazing sad/warm/vulnerable rock stuff but remained in a relative obscurity that sort of elevated them among actual musicians and rock critics. In fact, a lot of big-timey bands (the Flaming Lips, the Replacements, R.E.M., etc.) are in some kind of love with Big Star.

Anyone who appreciates rock and roll and documentaries and documentaries about rock and roll should watch this thing. Unless you're a particular breed of music nerd, then much of this story will be uknown to you. There's all the good stuff in there—romance, self destruction, tragedy, and redemption. I love all the warm guitar work and all the hair (was hair—especially men's hair— just more magnificent in the 70s?).

Movie trailer!


Awesome power ballad!