Favorites 7.29.13

Pattypan squash: Cute. Creamy. The only summer squash worth eating. Believe.

When dogs sniff the wind: There's a moment in a dog's day when he's lying regally by the back door and suddenly the breeze kicks up. Watch him lift his nose to the wind. See him retreat from the front of his eyes as his shining nostrils pulse. Picture how he's catapulting all over the neighborhood on waves of scent—to lilac bushes, to sputtering lawn mowers, to the zucchini rotting in the compost pile, to the dead mice under the porch and all the lotion-greased kids in the park. I just ... it just kills me everytime, guys.

Chambray button-up shirts: For summer, I used to be a cardigan woman, but that's over now. Chambray shirts for life! They're cool and casual. Layer ’em over prom dresses, tank tops, boyfriend's tee shirts, or tube tops and worry not.

David Bowie singing in Italian: The sweet harmonies of Space Oddity, done in Italian, translated as god knows what. Love you, David.