Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

IMG_0842 Season-wise, I don't discriminate. I like ’em all for one reason or another. And the turning of them makes being an earthling truly sweet, no?

What I think I love most about summertime though is the air. It's substantial—you experience it. The stuff wraps around you, carrying saturated colors and smells. Tank tops at night, a graceful sun beam shooting through the trees, the deepest azure of a slow-moving river, a whiff of of jasmine from the vine crawling up the portico ... Things that might otherwise be unaccessible to you, in other words—they're all unlocked by this soft, fecund breeze.

If you're out and about in the next few weeks (which, I mean, why the fuck wouldn't you be?), just take a sec and breathe it in. Feel it. That's good stuff, I contend.