Favorites 8.12.13

Nectarines. Bright with flavor and beyond juicy just like a peach—but without the shiver-inducing baby fuzz on the skin.

Hiking through the jungle beneath a thunderstorm. You didn't expect the thunder or the rain and you're hiking in shorts but it's not cold and your bathing suit is not dry and the shadows between the trees loom in so close that you can almost touch the dusk around you and the smell and the sound of the rain hitting the leaves makes you think of a real jungle you walked through once when howler monkeys were going wild in the canopy.

Sourdough toast.  Slightly browned from the heat coils in your toaster, with a lovely crunch and that snappy sour finish. It makes everything from butter and fig jam to an avocado, cheddar and dijon sandwich taste totally incendiary.

Windblow World: The Journals of Jack Kerouac 1947-54. You can dip in and out anytime you need a bite of self-pondering romanticism or raw, beautiful language.