That Time I Made Cookies

img_34031 A while back, I made these rosemary butter cookies and they were the best.

Basically I never bake—for a number of reasons, including the fact that I cannot be held responsible for having baked goods in the house. If there're cookies, I will eat them ALL. If there's a sheet of brownies, I will eat it ALL. This isn't that out of the ordinary, I suspect.

Anyway, I made ’em for a garden party, AKA a BBQ, so they were someone else's problem at the end of the night.

I'm always really happy when I get to cook with rosemary because it was the first plant I installed in my garden when I became a homeowner seven (crikey!) years ago. The thing has beyond flourished—it's a fucking tree!

The rock and the hard place here is that the dough might be better than the cookies—but the cookies are still really, really good. Do what you can with this conundrum.