Winter Voodoo

snow house Phil, the groundhog, saw its shadow. Do you buy into Phil's voodoo? Because as predicted, snow dumped down onto Portland a few days later.

I like the way, when it snows in Portland, everyone is immediately wild with joy and never once doubts that it'll all be over in one to two days' time. It's brave, ya know? I like the way the house looks with said snow treatment—cute and old timey. And I like the way a snowy brightness streams in the windows all day, resulting in a light-splashed living room.

HOWEVER, was there ever anything uglier than a thaw? Wet brown snow banks, low-hanging gray skies, and rain on fields adorned with dog turds.


snow face dog

Everyone should know the happiness of dogs in the new snow. Life-affirming and shit.


bike in snow

Riding bikes in inappropriate conditions on streets not being used for anything else.


melted snowman

Still life with melted snowman and pee.