Favorites 2.13.14 (Snowpocalypse-Themed)

Blizzard700 Walking in a blizzard. An aesthetic delight—not to mention a zen-like low-impact exercise in which you gain new perspective on the city and realize that your two feet really can take you anywhere.

A glass of tequila with a wedge of lime. Yes, yes, tequila is the warm-weather drink. But what if, on a blizzardy walk home, you duck into a taco joint and just order a glass of it along with your rice and beans? What if it warms you up, starting with your cheeks? What if when you leave, you no longer care about the storm spraying snow in your face—but instead just march bravely on ahead, feeling very much alive?

Dinner Party Download. It's a podcast. Sharp banter, food, music, jokes, and odd little history lessons. There's nothing about this situation that I do not like.

Dominoes. Simple—not all headachy like other games can get with their rules and whatnot. All it takes is a few friends, a flat surface, and the ability to add. I find that yellow cake and a cup of whiskey fit in nicely here, too.