Current Needs

current needs Unlike the Buddha, I'm always in the process of wanting a bunch of stuff that I probably won't ever end up having. It's okay.


Legit Coffee Grinder

There is no equilibrium in my home to how much pleasure I get from coffee vs. how much time/money I put into it. I have the cheapest coffee maker, buy middle-of-the-road beans, and then I expect an incendiary cup of coffee? Makes no sense! Due to having spied renegade whole beans in my jar of coffee grounds—and also an inability to remember the origin of my current coffee grinder (I suspect it goes all the way back when I moved out at age 17)—I've been coveting a "nice" grinder.

Foot Massage Ball

Maybe someday I'll tell you all about my adventures in plantar fasciitis, how I never paid any mind to taking care of my feet (running in shoes until they disintegrated, skating in Vans slip ons or the equivalent, etc.), and how now those same feet bring me to my knees on a daily basis. Instead, I'll just say this: doesn't rubbing your sorest foot on a nobby massage ball while you watch TV episodes sound nice?

Sage Spirit

A gardeny gin without the juniper—made instead from elderberry, pine, black tea, rose, dry orange peel, cubeb, angelica, sage (obvi), lavender, spearmint, dandelion, thyme, sumac, rosemary, licorice root, and fennel. Wow, right? I have this feeling—call it intuition—that squeezing the juice of one blood orange into a glass of this stuff and topping it with soda water might transform your whole day, maybe even week, maybe even life.

Giant Jar Of Easter Lilies

During times such as this when we aren't getting as much sunlight as we should, a jar of fresh flowers gives hope to tired men. These flowers in particular—they come surrounded by a thundercloud of deep,  spicy perfume. You'll catch a whif every time you walk by.