tomato seedlings Oh, hi! It's spring here, kinda. And this year, I'm forgoing buying vegetable starts and growing ’em all from seeds.

It's not that huge of deal. But honestly, I've tried it before, with little success. There were bunk seeds that didn't sprout, there were mysterious silvery mildews, there were slugs that put a smack down on my spindly starts within seconds of me stuffing them into the garden beds. It was a bloodbath. 

This year will be different! ’Cause I'm really for real serious about trying—not half-assy like in year's past.

Yes, yes, I like the idea that I can walk out into my yard and forage for food there. But this year, in particular, I'm interested in getting to the beginning of things. How much closer to the beginning of food (which is the stuff of life, right?) can you get than this?

Here's what I'm growing this year: lettuce (spring mix), herbs (cilantro, dill, basil, arugula), kale, tomatoes (yellow pear, red cherry, red beefsteak heirloom), pattypan yellow squash, sugar snap peas, cucumbers.

Who's got knowledge they wanna drop on me about growing any of the above stuff in the Northwest?! I'm here and I'm listening.

spring bulbs

New beginnings, et cetera.