Travel Returns

denver landscape

I like the way the sky looks in Colorado. The ceilings are high. The clouds pile up with quiet drama and somehow there's always a snow capped peak in the distance all backlit by the sun. The sky is also very blue, very often. Do you Colorado people even appreciate this?!

I also like the neighborhood of Park Hill in Denver—where my sister lives, where all the houses are made solidly of brick in the fashion of an old plains city accustomed to wildfires. I like how when a snowstorm comes in the night (long after you fall asleep) and also leaves in the night (long before you've woken up), you can peek out onto a quiet row of houses blanketed with powder and feel transported straight back to the 50s or something.

park hill denver

todays office

I'm up in the mountains now writing to you from a sunny kitchen table (and wheezing with the altitude). But I gotta go! More later, I promise.