Adventures In Foot Pain

photo Due to an acutely lame foot injury, I'm hot off acupuncture this morning and currently walking around in $120 running shoes. 

Now, there are injuries that happen because one has a grand, explosive mishap, and then there are those that happen because one is careless and lazy and getting old. My plantar fasciitis is the latter—due to a lifetime of running, not stretching, and jumping up and down on my skateboard. Cool!

I woke up this morning and realized that SUMMER IS COMING (it was a smell drifting in the window—dirt and green things), and so I've decided to get very serious about my recovery—because I plan on spending all summer running, not stretching, and jumping up and down on my skateboard.

As mentioned, I had acupuncture earlier. My friend Hudson plunked a needle straight into ground zero of where my plantar fascia connects to my heel—and then sprinkled some more into various other parts of my body. If you've never had acupuncture, I feel I must shun you into doing so immediately. What's wrong with you?! Don't you WANT to feel good? To feel every muscle relax? To feel the needles twitching and throbbing as they tap into deep mysterious energies inside your body? And finally, to leave the office floating on a fluffy cloud of self-induced quaaludes?

If you don't want this stuff then I can't relate to you at all.