Spring Broke

IMG_1388 Spring break's for kids—or is it?! I'm gonna argue here that in the Northwest, us "grown ups" need it more. We bravely get up and out of bed everyday, carrying on the business of living as our hopes are routinely toyed with, lifted by dazzling sun and then crushed beneath senseless rain.

Anyway, a trip begged to be mine. I didn't care for how long. I didn't care about the forecast for "heavy rain." We were gonna walk beneath the cascading curtains at Silver Falls State Park (a fairy-tale type place you MUST see) and then suck in some of that arid pine-laced air in central Oregon. Yep, and in 48 hours we did all that. There was also incendiary Mexican food, many coffee breaks, a couple of llamas, and my very first time ever watching the movie Purple Rain (!!!!).

A quick voyage, to be sure—but I walked away anew. 


Misty woods and it was raining very, very hard. Can you tell?



See? Fairy-tale type shit.



A Harry and the Hendersons moment up on Black Butte.



Inexplicably sunny at the Sisters skatepark and the gods (or whatever) are smiling upon us.



They call him Fernando.