Lifestyle Adjustment

10561218_841381842540533_1873090283_n There's no such thing as how things should be—there's just how thing's are.

I read that recently. It's true.

This morning I was thinking ... it's cool how when you have a dog, you're forced into securing a life that has plentiful helpings of outdoors and physical activity, of simplicity, of kinda semi regular schedules involving not staying out til 4 a.m. (and then sleeping through the fresh morning when dog walks are best due to the cool air and clouds of just-open blossom scent).

In other words, Lefty—who's both my dog and my dawg—makes me live a good life. Oddly, it's not something I might do (or have done in the past) for myself. It's easier to do something for someone else ...


Stretching our hammies.


Look, I don't want to go to the river every weekend ... but I HAVE to. Because of THIS FACE.


Camping trips, wilderness meanderings, and pondering the void with my bud.