A Skatepark Is Born

IMG_3969 This one time I stopped everything in my life and built an indoor skatepark. This was way back in 2011, when I was young and starry eyed. If you know me, then you already know this happened—it's not like it's some breaking news. Still, time marches on, and you forget.

But! I paddled back into memory lane this week—looking through old photos and recollecting all about what a fun, tough, weird time that was.

(The above clip constitutes one of the only videos I've ever made in my life—disclaimers, and whatnot.)

Now, the reason for my remembrances: My dearest friend Tricia asked me to tell a few stories for Steller, this new, Instagram-y style iPhone app she works for.

For peeps of the creative disposition, Steller is hecka cool. Like Instagram, you can post photos and follow people and, importantly, you can "like" shit. But unlike Instagram, it's all about story telling—not just snapshots. It's like crafting a little zine each time you post. So fun!

Anyhoo, see below for my Commonwealth post. You can turn the pages by swiping, just like with those newfangled magazine apps.