Favorites 8.11.14

10598459_512594445540361_149408029_n Full moons in the daylight: What's cooler than an August "super moon" on a black summer night? That same moon, hung in a sky of pale blue. Ethereal and whatnot.

A cool shower and a nap: On a Sunday afternoon, after laboring in the blazing heat, it's the only thing to do. A Control-Alt-Delete for your heat stroke.

Foam rolling anything: Bought one of these for working the kinks out of my calves, but it's also proved useful in massaging the hurt from my back/neck/hips/thighs. As an aged skateboarder, you just can't not have one.

Neil Young, "Out On The Weekend": An easy pace, a Dylan reference, a lovely sense of longing—this song is worth your time.