Favorites 9.29.14

pacific city Driving on the beach: It always feels like you're getting away with something. Freedom! I mean, you could drive straight into the freaking waves if you wanted! But you don't. But still.

Goat milk: Goat milk? Goat's milk? Milk of the goats? Whatever you call it, it's good. Use it in place of regs milk in your oatmeal and be rewarded with a deep creaminess and that lovely, goaty tang on the tail end.

Pine nuts: My very, very favorite of all the nuts. Or is it a seed? And why don't they make some sort of pine-nut butter for toasts and rice cakes? This is something my breakfast most desperately needs.

Beginners: Rewatched this Mike Mills movie the other night and remembered how it's great. About, among other things, the silk thread that ties our parents' fraught relationship to our own adventures in fraught-ness. Also, cancer, rollerskating, and a wicked cute terrier.

Beginners Movie

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