To: Me

10518125_1487825074808629_52651956_n Oh hi! I turned another year old again. It happened this week on a quiet Tuesday of no particular import. There was rain upon waking and afternoon sun, followed by pizza in the evening.

Also? There was a party on Sunday eve. All of my friends (well, most—I think I forgot to text some of you? Gah, I'm sorry) came over and sat in the golden light that was beaming my backyard. It was exceptionally fun and made me feel all happy and sad at once (emotional, I think it's called) because, I dunno, friends really are why life is good.

For instance: All of them showed up carrying bottles of wine or good beer tied to chocolate bars with pretty colored string, or they came carrying champagne, or they came carrying bouquets of gerber daisies or hydrangeas, or they came carrying handmade houseware crafted from an old skate deck, or they came carrying a bunch of balloons they stole from a child's birthday party.

Obviously, these are good people we're talking about here. Love you guys!


The coolest coasters for keeping Pinot stains off the coffee table—handmade my Marsha and Jasper.


Lefty ate a cupcake wrapper and got a modest proposal. He partied, in other words.