Inside Inside Llewyn Davis

ild-poster Went to see Inside Llewyn Davis a week or two ago. When a new Coen brothers movie comes out, you can always count me in. But having seen the film, all I can say with confidence is that I can't say much about it with confidence.

Honestly, I didn't like the movie that much when I was watching it. There's no one to root for. Llewyn's a prick, and the rest of the characters are hard boiled. Thus, you watch with a kind of detachment that feels, like, cold or something. Also, the trailer made the movie seem a lot funnier than it actually was. I don't mean not-funny trying to be funny. I just mean that it was very, very melancholy—a feeling that suffused everything like a vapor, so that the quips you laugh at in the trailer—you don't laugh at ’em in the movie. They're a lot darker against the larger blackess of the piece.

But! It really stuck with me—this film. I thought about it often after (still am). What really happened? What did it mean? What does what I think it means say about me? And so on. Also, the scenes and scenery are luminous—nice light, and so much attention to detail. And the dialogue—weird and whip smart. And the faces—sour, but exceptionally interesting.

In general, all Coen movies are a little like that—better after time and, maybe, multiple watchings. This one's a super slow burn, doesn't hit you all at once, stays smoldering long after the credits roll. You kinda just have to trust!

Anyway, see it for yourself. Simmer on it. And then find me and tell me what you think. There's def something there … but what?!